Creation of MTI Saigon (Jan. 2007)

By | 01/09/2015

The first Bachelor of Theology Course of MTI was opened on January 24, 2007
Vietnamese Government has started to recognize the individual perception of the Christian Church in late 2006 because of the opening of MTI. In January 2007, after the government granted licenses to Ms. Bui Thanh Se,(Pentecostal Church Elisha)he opened the Bible School MTI in a collaborative relationship with the Pentecostal Assembly Of Sweeden(Ms. Gunnar Swahn is the representative). Since then, Ms. Se is the founder and president of Pentecostal Assembly Of Vietnam

Pastor. Se (Pastor of Elisha Church), together with Pastor Gunnar Swahn and Pastor Peter Runegrund (both are representatives of the Swedish Pentecostal Church) attended the licensing of Religious Affairs of Vietnam. January 24, 2007

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