Official founding of MTI Vietnam (Oct. 2007)

By | 01/09/2015

In December, 2007, PAOV decided to work with the international churches and other denominations in the world. These partners were invited to join PAOV to establish Governing Board of MTI. The members of the MTI Board includes members from:

  • Pentecostal Assemblies of Vietnam (Rev. Bui Thanh Se)
  • Filadelfia church, Sweden (Rev. Gunnar Swahn)
  • Global Prayer Ministries, Canada (Rev. Charles Crane)
  • Kelowna Christian Center, Canada (Rev. David Kalamen)
  • Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada(PAOC) (Pastor Peter McIntosh and Pastor Vaden Williams)

During the first Board meeting, MTI has established a Constitution and members of the Executive Board was selected: Pastor. Vaden Williams is President of MTI and Pastor Laurent Tran Qui is Vice President

In 2008, MTI was teaching at 3 centers. The teachers came from PAOV and many denominations in Vietnam and abroad, not only for the students in PAOV but also for all student from all denominations.








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